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The magic ingredients your face cream desperately needs!

  • BBeautiful
  • 20 Sep 2021

Aren’t you tired of swimming through hundreds of different face creams only to end up facing the same skin problems? A daily skincare routine of cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen is vital for skin health, but skin damage can persist even with a good skincare routine.

Unfair, isn’t it?

If, despite following a skincare routine, your skin is cracked, red, or prone to frequent acne breakouts, take it as your skin’s way of telling you that it needs something more.

While a cleanser is responsible for keeping your face clean, the toner makes sure your skin is receptible to all the nutrients you provide for it. But a face cream does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to providing all the nutrients and hydration your skin needs. So choosing a face cream that works and provides the love and care your skin needs is extremely important.

Best Face Cream Ingredients For Glowing and Healthy Skin

Every now and then, there comes a wave of skincare ingredient popularity that unleashes a wild demand for skincare products starring those ingredients. But that wave often dies as fast as it rises.

However, every once in a while, we stumble upon a keeper.

Special mention to our beloved Vitamin C, proudly leading the ingredient-driven skincare industry of face cream for women.

Amino Acids

If you have ever attended a biology lecture in school, you would know that amino acids are the building blocks that create protein and are an integral part of almost all body systems. That means they are critically responsible for anything that happens on the skin level, too.


Amino acids are what bricks are to a house. Without them, your skin is defenseless against environmental aggressors. So when you go out to buy a face cream for glowing skin, remember that healthy skin is the stepping stone for glowing skin.

Benefits of amino acid in face creams –

Hydrates the skin

All our dreaded skin problems like excessive oil production, dryness, and acne breakouts stem from this one problem, the lack of hydration. We try so many different moisturizers hoping that they will help lock the moisture into our skin, giving us hydrated and supple skin.

So, we are trying to fix an internal problem with a superficial solution, these hydrators can help lock moisture for some hours, but they don’t hydrate your skin from within. So the issue is just covered, not fixed. Even the so-called best face creams for women fail to hydrate the deeper layers of our skin.

Whereas, Amino acid pushes the moisture through and into our skin, thereby hydrating it from within. Hydrated skin is resistant to frequent acne breakouts, dry and dull-looking skin. Hence, you must choose a face cream for daily use that not just moisturizes your skin but, more importantly, hydrates it internally.

Builds Collagen

One of the essential functions of a face cream is to strengthen the skin tissue and increase skin elasticity. Collagen is responsible for improving skin elasticity and stretch.

There is a plethora of face creams for women available, including synthetic collagen that helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines. It would have been magical if that worked, but sadly that’s not how either face cream or collagen works.

Our collagen-producing skin cannot absorb this collagen, but guess what it does absorb? Amino acids, and that too, quite easily. The relatively smaller size of amino acids allows the skin to absorb them readily. Thus, amino acids are a crucial part of the process of creating collagen.

So isn’t it wiser to choose a face cream for daily use with amino acids rather than collagen in the ingredients list? Do that, and your skin will start feeling smoother and firmer in just a few weeks.

Whoa! Now, that’s some valuable bit of information.

Accelerates healing

Perhaps the most remarkable quality of amino acids is their ability to heal damaged skin and decelerate tissue breakdown.


The most frequent complaint that men and women have about their skincare products is their inability to initiate improvement in their skin quality. As long as we apply the products, we enjoy the benefits, but our skin goes back to its usual condition once we stop using them. The reason being that these skincare products solely focus on treating our skincare problems, but they fall short in healing them.

On the other hand, amino acids play a vital role in increasing cell turnover (remove dead skin cells and regenerate new cells in their place) and heal acne scarring.

After you cleanse and tone your skin, your face needs an emollient that not only feels soothing but works tirelessly behind the screens to help you achieve healthy and glowing skin from deep within.

Find a face cream with amino acids that suits your skin, and you have hit the jackpot.

Argan oil

Argan oil has undeniable success in the hair and skincare sphere. Extracted from the fruit kernels of argan trees found in Morocco, argan oil is a nutrient-dense gem you must not miss out on. Traditionally it was referred to as liquid gold for its many medical, culinary, and skincare benefits.

Whether it’s a face cream for women or men, brands have often highlighted Argan oil for all its glorious benefits. And for once, they aren’t overselling – this super-rich source of fatty acids and vitamin E does live up to the hype.

See for yourself!

Benefits of Argan Oil:

Scar Treatment

Scars are the manifestation of an issue our skin is fighting on its own; it’s a cue for us to bring in super ingredients into our face care regimen.

What better than the Moroccan liquid gold itself?

The healing powers of Argan oil have been utilized by the local tribes of Morocco for centuries. The omnipotent antioxidant properties of Argan oil can help prevent scarring by regenerating new cells. It also deals with hyperpigmentation and scarring, giving you healthy and scar-free skin.

Acne healer

Even though it’s an oil, the non-comedogenic properties make it a great ingredient for acne-prone skin. It’s super light on the skin and doesn’t clog pores. It’s perfect as an ingredient in a face cream for daily use.

If you have acne-prone oily skin, here’s an effective daily skincare routine specially curated for you.


Best Face Cream for Glowing Skin

Neemli’s Hyaluronic & Oat Amino Acid Moisturiser is one of the best face creams for glowing skin. This face cream has not one but two super products that will boost your skin and leave it hydrated. At the same time, the oat amino acid works to strengthen your skin’s connective tissue and heal the scars, Hyaluronic acid pumps and adds volume to the skin cells. The dual attack from this light yet effective moisturizer will leave you with hydrated, youthful skin.   It’s a myth that you don’t need moisturizer for oily skin.

Our  Hyaluronic & Oat Amino Acid Moisturiser works wonders for oily and acne-prone skin. It’s light on the skin and non-comedogenic, making it the perfect choice for acne-prone oily skin.

Neemli’s Argan and Rose Day Cream is another winner on the list.  Loaded with therapeutic benefits, rose oil is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that helps moisturize and stimulate collagen production, while vitamin-E-rich Argan Oil improves water retention of the skin and helps balance oil production. Also blended with other skin-loving ingredients like Kokum Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Caffeine, this beautifully textured day cream works to hydrate and brighten while stimulating skin cells and improving the skin’s moisture-retaining ability. It’s the perfect face cream for daily use.

Get ready to fall in love with your skin!


We spend hours on a stretch looking for the best face cream online only to end up buying a moisturizer that does nothing to improve our skin quality. It’s high time we start focusing on ingredients that can help solve our skin problems and improve its quality in the process. 

Instead of looking for the best face cream, look for the right ingredients to add to your daily skincare regimen. With Amino acids and argan oil, we have taken the first step in the right direction; it’s all supple and flawless skin ahead.