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  • 13 May 2021


2020 things are best left… well, behind. While you experimented with a multi-step routine for a glowy ‘zoom face’ or couldn’t find the motivation to prioritize your skin, things changed in the world of skincare. The search bar replaced offline browsing, social media became all encompassing and ‘maskne’ or mask induced breakouts became a real thing.

Looking ahead, here are some skincare trends that we see growing in 2021: 

Hand Care

The incessant hand washing, dish washing and sanitizing from 2020 has made hand care increasingly important. After a year of clinical-smelling sanitizers, our hands begged for everything luxurious – from indulgent body butters to pleasant hand creams that bring back that softness and hydration. If someone asks whether we believe hand care will find a place in 2021, we’ll definitely put our ‘hand up.’ 

Preventive Routines

Gone are the days where we felt a skincare routine was ‘optional.’ With greater awareness, the focus is now on dealing with skin issues before they ‘pop’ up. Whether it’s fighting off early signs of fine lines, dealing with regular toxins and sun-damage or caring for acne scarring, preventive skincare routines are going to cement their place in 2021. From barrier repairing serums enriched with hydrators like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, to daily-use cleansers with replenishing ceramides, effective and protective products will continue to find their way to skincare shelves. 

Label Transparency

TBH, authenticity is an all-time trend, but with access to greater information, the demand for label transparency in skincare is going to have even greater importance in 2021. As the ‘clean beauty’ industry gets more crowded, there will be greater onus on the part of individual brands to ‘come clean’ about their ingredients. 

Targeted Use of AHAs & BHAs

Acids have been all the rage for the last couple of years and the fact that most people now understand the context of acids as hero ingredients rather than something scary, has sky-rocketed their popularity. After the initial boost, however, 2021 is likely to see more focused, targeted use of skincare products with acids. AHAs and BHAs with well-planned synergistic formulations in single products that target specific issues like acne and pigmentation serums are likely to be picked over multiple individual products that can lead to over-stimulation and irritation. 

Online Consultations

While dermatology moved online during the pandemic, buying skincare online was already showing an upward trend before that. With more than 91% consumers* now conducting their research for beauty and skincare products online, it will continue to be increasingly important for brands to provide the best recommendation tools for their skincare products. From skin quizzes to personalized consultations, skincare online is likely to see a big leap in 2021.