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5 signs you need to change your skincare routine right now

  • BBeautiful
  • 02 Jan 2021

5 signs you need to change your skincare routine right now

It’s good having a regular skincare routine, but if your skin doesn’t have noticeable improvements despite putting so much hard work, whether it’s exfoliation or masks, then we have a piece of news for you; It’s time to change your skincare regime.

Try our balanced 5 Step Skincare Routine.  If you’re still not sure of it, here are some symptoms that will help you give a final go-ahead to the massive change your skincare is asking for.

Dry/Tight Skin

This might be due to the fact that you’re over-exfoliating the skin, or your skin is not able to hold the moisture due to the current range of products you’re using. You need a cream that deeply moisturizes the skin and at the same time, a serum that could hold it for you all day long.

One of the other reasons for this is using soaps and face washes that has retinol, BHAs, AHAs and many synthetic formulas that deprive the skin of its natural oil production and take out excessive oils from the pores. It is recommended to use natural products for your skin so that you can stay away from the harms of chemical compounds.

If you’re feeling tight and dry skin, we recommend you to take a break from exfoliation till you see a noticeable improvement in the skin texture.

Oily Skin

It is one of the common problems and peaks in the summertime. If your skin is oily, even if you’re using deep oil cleansers, the problem is that you’re over-drying your skin, and as a cop-up, your skin is producing more oil, which makes the whole process counterintuitive. You need to have very light moisturizers and a few times a day to cop up with the problem.

Rough Patches and texture

This happens if you don’t pay attention to dead skin cells, and as a result, your skin has patches and uneven tone. This can easily be solved by having a good face scrub. But if your current scrub is not doing the job right you need to change it. Use natural scrub that is free from the chemical formula to make sure the whole process is beneficial for your skin.

Occasional Acne and Red Bumps

While occasional acne is usually a hormonal issue, but it can also be your skin telling that the products you’re using are irritating the inner layers and pores, leading to the acne and bumps. Make sure the products you are using are compatible with your skin, and your skin is reacting positively to it.

Sensitive Care or Redness

Redness is mostly caused by outdoor factors like prolonging contact with pollution, sunlight or sweat. If your skin is sensitive, make sure you use products that are mild on the skin, try going all-natural and also, exfoliate a little less. Because sensitive skin means your epidermis can get irritated very quickly, so excessive exfoliation can trigger the redness. Avoid going to extreme weather conditions to prevent redness.

If your skin is showing all these signs, you know you got to change the skincare routine, and make it more suitable for your skin.