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Serum, Elixir, Oil, Moisturizer – What Is The Difference?

  • Orange Edge Marketing
  • 19 Nov 2020

Are you confused by the type of hydration you should use on your skin?

Trust me you are not alone.  In a recent survey by CPCB ( Central Pollution Control Board), it was found out when the skin is in daily contact with external influences like pollution, toxins, change of weather it can damage the skin to a great level, adding the risk of signs of aging on your skin.

And with a busy lifestyle, it becomes nearly impossible to go to salons which is where the Korean daily beauty routine comes to the rescue.  The Korean bloggers swear by using oils, serum, elixir, moisturizer to their daily regime. 

We all have heard of these products many times but do we really know their difference when its basic task is to hydrate the skin.  Here is everything you need to know about serums, elixirs, oils and moisturizers and their differences.


Serums are regularly water-based formulas that are exceptionally powerful in nature. Intended to target explicit skin concerns, for example, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness or spots, serums are injected with nutrients, cancer prevention agents and other skin-feeding fixings that enter the skin profoundly. At the end of the day, serums ought to restore the skin and improve its surface from inside. With standard utilization of a decent serum that is intended for your skin concern, you can hope to get results beginning in half a month, for the most part. Obviously, serums are not cure-alls, but more like targeted supplements for healthy and radiant skin.

What Serums Do:

  1. Act as a concentrated, efficient source of delivering nutrition to the skin.
  2. Target specific concerns.
  3. Absorb easily and deeply into the skin.


Elixirs are a combination of various oils that help to prevent the fine lines by rejuvenating the skin. They also usually contain herbal ingrains, plant extracts, and other ingredients that benefit the skin, such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, or butter.

They are also known as the ‘repair’ products that have a multi-functional effect. They’re formulated with smaller molecules that are able to penetrate further into the skin, making them extremely effective. The best part of an elixir is that most of the fluid is a high concentration of active ingredients. They’re the worker bees of any skincare line. Because the active ingredients are more expensive than water and thickeners, elixirs are also the most expensive products. 

What Elixirs Do:

  1. It penetrates deep inside the skin to reduce the fine lines.
  2. Deeply hydrate the skin
  3. Provide an excellent base for make-up.

Face Oils 

As the name proposes, facial oils are rich and emollient in texture. These oils are separated from natural products, seeds, and nuts, and they’re extraordinary for your skin in a bigger number of ways than one. Aside from being profoundly supporting and remedial, facial oils can give your skin a uber portion of hydration. The thing to recollect is that you can’t utilize pretty much any regular oil as a face oil. It’s prescribed that you utilize an oil with a littler sub-atomic size, (for example, argan oil or jojoba oil) to prevent blocking of the pores and allow simple ingestion.

What Face Oils Do:

  1. They provide long-lasting moisturization.
  2. They form a seal to help retain the hydration of the skin.
  3. It provides vitamins to the skin.


Moisturizers are infused with a mix of water and oils and they’re intended to hydrate the highest layers of the skin leaving the skin soft and supple. Utilizing a day by day cream is perfect when you have typical, blend or sleek skin.

Moisturizers plump up your skin and help to reduce the wrinkles. In any case, when you need to treat extraordinary dryness (either regular or progressively characteristic to the skin), a cream may not hydrate your skin profoundly enough, which is the place where face oils come in. 

On any day using a moisturizer is an incredible method to seal the dampness into your skin. 

What Moisturizers Do:

  1. They help in hydrating the skin and locks the moisture to prevent it from drying.
  2. They reduce the chances the skin inflammation.
  3. They deliver a balanced mix of oil and water to the skin.

Adding these products in your daily care regime can result in a glowing and fresh face which will not go unnoticed for sure. Remember the perfect skincare routine can be broken down into a few simple steps.