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Vitamin C Serum for Day or Night - Confusion! Let’s look at the solution..

  • BBeautiful
  • 18 Nov 2020

Vitamin C serum could undoubtedly take your skincare regimen to the next level, there are some doubts encompassing the right utilization of these serums. In particular, there’s a touch of discussion in the skincare world about Vitamin C serum that, “It should be used at the day, or night, or both.”

Some skincare dermatologists allow using Vitamin C Serum in the day because it prevents the skin from harmful sun damage. Also, it retains the moisture throughout the day. But if you choose to use it in the morning then do not forget to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF more than 30 after the application of Serum.

Most of the dermatologists and beauty bloggers recommend serums to use before bed. The skin undergoes it’s natural repairing mechanism while you are sleeping. Moreover, the process of maintenance reaches a height at night. So, it makes sense to use Serums at night.

You can use Vitamin C Serum both, am or pm but a higher concentration of serums should be used once whether its day or night. Some people thought that the more we apply, the more we get early benefits but the answer is NO! Your skin absorbs Vitamin C in a limited quantity, so do not waste your costly product by overusing it.

Everyone is talking about investing in your skin and I think Vitamin C is one of the potent ingredients you should definitely invest in.

Some people may face the side effects of Vitamin C Serum which includes itching, redness, irritation and tingling sensation. So always go for the best serum.